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Truly a Hot Seat!

This is truly a Hot Seat! How many ways can you see in this photo where you could be electrocuted? Advertisements

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Those Annoying Safety Devices

If your garage door’s safety reverse keeps sending the door back up…. no problem, just re-position the electric ‘eyes’ and the probblem is solved.    Never mind your kids or pets could be injured with this set up.

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When Should You Use a Downspout for a Vent?……Never

I guess the plumber ran out of PVC pipe so he just borrowed some downspouts and used it to finish the job.

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Who is Ray Don? And why is he writing on my pipes?

When a radon mitigation vent is installed, the pipe should be clearly labeled.  In this case, the installer marked the vent…. “Ray Don”.     I guess that’s clear enough. 

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