Main Electrical Panel With Many Problems

English Mtn  811  7-14 005

Can you find all the problems with this main electrical panel?  I’ll list just a few:          Single strand aluminum wires used for the branch circuits, wires spliced/reduced to fit the connectors, double tap, and …  there are more!                                                                          Call a qualified electrician and have these issues fixed; now!

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Another good reason why electrical wires should not be near the attic access

Maybe I’m just too picky, but there are several good reasons why electrical wires should not be near the attic access stairs.   One reason is mechanical damage.  The spring has been rubbing against the wire for less than a year.   The insulation has been worn through to the bare wire.  That would explain that tingling sensation when you grab the metal railing.  Wow, the next thing would be the smell of burning wood!

Woodpointe      4-14 012

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Remove hoses from outside faucets…. If you don’t , watch out for leaks!

Remember to remove hoses from outside faucets.   Water can be trapped inside the faucet and freeze behind the wall.  This can happen with “frost proof” faucets too.


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Need more light? Here’s a bright idea.

If you need more light, don’t bother cutting out a proper sized hole, just add a light bulb through the drywall.  When the fire starts you’ll have plenty of light!!


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I don’t make these things up…. roof repair DIY

When patching a leaking roof and vent….  all you need are any shingles you can find and a bucket of tar.  No need to be neat about things, just turn the bucket upside down and let the tar flow where it wants.   When all finished, no need to clean up, just leave the bucket on top of the vent for extra protection.   I don’t make these things up!Roof patch with bucket

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Deadly HVAC Return Air Duct

Never have an HVAC return air duct in the garage.  Period.   If the car is running in the garage, the fumes (carbon monoxide, CO) will be drawn into the house…. Deadly.  Don’t do it!

Ratledge    9-12 017

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When In Doubt, Cut It Out…..

When it’s in the way… cut away.   This must be the plumber’s motto.    At least the support the joists after the cutting is done.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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